Volume 31, no. 2 Winter 2016

 Cover of Beethoven Journal winter 2016 issueMichael Lorenz, "The Beethoven Family Graves in Vienna." (pp. 56-70)

Grant William Cook III, "'I was now in the birthplace of Beethoven': The First European Research Expedition of Alexander Wheelock Thayer, 1849-1851." (pp. 71-82).

William Meredith, "Conference Report: The Sixth New Beethoven Research Conference, November 2-3, 2016, Vancouver, Canada." (pp. 83-86).

Barbara Barry, "Conference Report: Beethoven's Creative Vision: Journeys and Worlds." (p. 87)

Patricia Stroh, "Beethoven Auction Report (2016)." (pp. 88-90)

Patricia Stroh, "Recent Beethoven Scores, Manuscripts Facsimiles, and Books (2015-16)." (pp. 91-98)

John Clubbe, "An Appreciation: William Rhea Meredith." (p. 99)

Announcement: "Irma Brilliant 1921-2017." (p. 99)