Volume 11, no. 2 Fall 1996

The Beethoven Journal

Volume 11, no. 2 (Fall 1996)

Scott Messing. "An Examination of Two Proposed Models for the Melody of the Sixth Movement of the String Quartet in C-sharp Minor, Opus 131: An 'Old French Song' and the Kol Nidre." (pp. 2-10)

Frank Gelat. "Beethoven's Music: The Link Between the Individual and Universal." (pp. 11-17)

Book Review: Beethoven's Immortal Beloved and Countess Erdödy: A Case of Mistaken Identity?" Barry Cooper on Gail Altman's Beethoven: A Man of His Word. Undisclosed Evidence for his Immortal Beloved. (pp. 18-24)

Book Review: Mary Sue Morrow on Tia DeNora's Beethoven and the Construction of Genius: Musical Politics in Vienna, 1792-1803. (pp. 25-27)

Roger Evans. Opera Review: "Leonore (1804-06) at the 1996 Lincoln Center Festival." (pp. 28-30)

Ira Brilliant. "Beethoven in the Auction Market, December 1995-October 1996." (pp. 31-33)
Patricia Elliott. "Selected Recent Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books (1992-1996)." (pp. 34-38)

Patricia Elliott. "Recent Special Acquisitions (1995-1996) at the Beethoven Center." (pp. 39-41)

Susan Kagan. "Report From the New York Chapter of the American Beethoven Society." (p. 42)

"Letters to the Editor." (p. 43)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 44-47)