Volume 12, no. 2 Winter 1997

The Beethoven Journal

Vol. 12, no. 2 (Winter 1997)
(beginning with this issue, the Journal will be published in Winter and Summer rather than Fall and Spring)

Donald F. Sloane. "Beethoven and Mälzel: A Re-evaluation of Mälzel's Character and the History of Wellington's Victory." (pp. 54-64)

Adena Portowitz. "Innovation and Tradition in the Classic Concerto: Mozart's K. 453 (1784) as a Model for Beethoven's Fourth Concerto (1805-06)." (pp. 65-72)

"Fidelio in England from 1832-1851: J. Wrey Mould's and Henry Chorley's Contemporary Accounts." (pp. 73-77)

Dimitry Markevitch. Score Review: "Henle's Urtext Edition of the Sonatas for Cello and Fortepiano." (pp. 78-79)

John Boehm. "'Beethoven in the Schools': Teaching Fourth- and Fifth-Graders about Beethoven." (pp. 80-81)

Ira F. Brilliant. "Beethoven Auction Report December 1996-December 1997." (pp. 82-84)
Susan Kagan. "Report from the New York Chapter of the American Beethoven Society on Its Second and Third Seasons (1996-1998)." (p. 85)

Patricia Elliott. "Selected Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books and Music Scores from 1994-1997." (pp. 86-91)

Patricia Elliott. "Recent Special Acquisitions (1996-1997) at the Beethoven Center." (pp. 92-93)

"Letters to the Editor." (pp. 94-95).