Volume 1, no.1 Spring 1986

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 1, no. 1 (Spring 1986):

"New Beethoven Center Opens. "William Kinderman.

Conference announcement: "The Northwest Beethoven Festival and Symposium." (pp. 1, 3)

"Bylsma, Bilson, and Beethoven." (p. 2)

William Meredith. "Robert Birchall and Ludwig van Beethoven: Beethoven's Letter of October 1, 1816 Reappears." (pp. 4-6)

Wayne Senner. "The Reception of Beethoven's Musical Compositions by his Contemporaries." (pp. 7-9)

 Thomas Wendel. Sound Recordings Review: "Beethoven Recordings on the Fortepiano." (pp. 10-12)

 Conference report: "The Fortepiano in Ensemble Music" in Easthampton, MA, sponsored by The Westfield Center for Keyboard Studies. (p. 12)

 "Forthcoming Books and New Arrivals." (p. 13)

 [Ira Brilliant]. "Auctions and Sales" (Stargardt on Nov. 26, 1985 and Sotheby's, London, on Nov. 29, 1985).

"Beethoven Societies Worldwide." (pp. 13-14)

 "Gifts." (p. 14)

 Editor's remarks on The Beethoven Newsletter (p. 15)