Volume 1, no. 3 Winter 1986

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 1, no. 3 (Winter 1986):

William Meredith. "Beethoven's Creativity: His Work Habits." (pp. 37, 39-44)

Brian Holmes. "Beethoven's Opus 17 on Original Instruments." (pp. 37-38)

Ira Brilliant. "The Music Auction Market" (Sotheby's, London on May 28, 1996 and Stargardt on Jun. 12, 1986). (p. 45)

Patricia Elliott. "The Beethoven Center's Collection." (pp. 46-47)

"Emily Anderson and Beethoven's Letters." (pp. 48-49)

"Young Pianist's Beethoven Competition." (p. 49)

"Connaissance de Beethoven et des Grands Maitres." (p. 49)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 50-51)

Conference Report: William Meredith. "Beethoven Papers Read at the 1986 AMS meeting." (pp. 52-53)

"The Beethoven Society for Pianists." (p. 53)

Book review: William Meredith on Ann Basart's The Sound of the Fortepiano: A Discography of Recordings on Early Pianos. (p. 54-55)

"Forthcoming Books and New Recordings." (p. 55)