Volume 2, no. 1 Spring 1987

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 2, no. 1 (Spring 1987):

Owen Jander. "Exploring Sulzer's Allgemeine Theorie as a Source Used by Beethoven." (pp. 1-7)

William Meredith. "Beethoven's Creativity: His Views on the Creative Process." (pp. 1, 8-12)

Patricia Elliott. "Thayer's Beethoven." (pp. 13-14)

Ira F. Brilliant. "The Music Auction Market" (Sotheby's, London on May 28, 1986, and Stargardt on June 12, 1986). (p. 15)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 16-17)

Concert Review: William Meredith on Joan Benson on Fortepiano, Jan. 18, 1987, S.F. (p. 15)

Miriam Sheer. Dissertations in Progress: "The Role of Dynamics in Beethoven's Instrumental Music." (p. 19)

"Advisory Board News." (p. 19)