Volume 4, no. 3 Winter 1989

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 4, no. 3 (Winter 1989):

Myron Schwager. "Beethoven's Programs: What is Provable?" (pp. 49-55)

Geoffrey Block. "A New Cadenza for Beethoven's Fortepiano Concerto in C major, Opus 15." (pp. 49, 62-67)

Max Rudolph. "A Question of Tempo in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony: Sonnleithner's l864 Letter on the Contrabass Recitative." (pp. 56-57)

William Meredith. Conference report: "The Beethoven Experience, PepsiCo Summerfare, Purchase, New York, August 5-6, 1989." (p. 58-61)

William Meredith. Conference Report: "Beethoven Papers Read at the 1989 AMS, SMT meeting." (pp. 68-71)

Festival Announcement: "Lincoln (Nebraska) Friends of Chamber Music 1989/90 Season: The Complete Beethoven String Quartets." (p. 71)

"Miscellanea." (p. 72-75)