Volume 5, no. 3 Winter 1990

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 5, no. 3 (Winter 1990):

Miriam Sheer. "The Structural Functions of Dynamics in Beethoven's Instrumental Works." (pp. 53, 62-66)

Book review: Joseph Braunstein on Willy Hess' Das Fidelio-Buch. (pp. 53-59)

William Meredith. "Beethoven Chronicle: Concerts, Competitions, Festivals and Institutes, 1989-91." (pp. 60-61)

Thomas Wendel. Sound Recordings Review: "Going to the Heart in Various Ways: A Review of Compact Disc Recordings of Beethoven's Missa solemnis (part 2)." (pp. 67-69)

Patricia Elliott. "1990 News from the Beethoven Center." (pp. 70-71)

"Two New Beethoven Series Announced." (p. 71)

William Meredith. Conference Report: "Beethoven Papers Read at the 1990 AMS/SEM/SMT Meeting." (p. 72)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 73-75)