Volume 6, no. 1 Spring 1991

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 6, no. 1 (Spring 1991):
Hector Berlioz. "'Fetes Musicales de Bonn': Report on the Unveiling of the Beethoven Monument in 1845." (Part 1). Translated by Kevin Bazzana. (pp. 1-11)

Kevin Bazzana. "Berlioz's 'Musical Celebrations at Bonn.'" (pp. 1, 12-14)

Stephen Bergquist. "Studies in Beethoven Iconography: D. C. Read's Steel Engraving: Constable, Goethe, Beethoven, and a Minor Light in the History of English Engraving." (pp. 15-17)

Susan Lund. "'If One Has Only One Son': Postscript to 'Beethoven as a Father.'" (pp. 18-21)

Ira Brilliant. "Music Auction Market (Sotheby's, November 21, 1990)." (p. 21)

"Letters to the Editor." (pp. 23-24)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 25-26)

William Meredith. "Fund-Raising Report, 1991." (p. 27)

"Communications." (p. 27)