Volume 7, no. 2 Summer 1992

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 7, no. 2 (Summer 1992):

Stephen A. Bergquist. "Beethoven's Diabelli Variations: Early Performance History." (pp. 38-41)

Virginia Beahrs. "'Artists are Made of Fire': An Exploration of the Role of Fire in the Music of Beethoven." (pp. 42-45)

Book Review: Kevin Bazzana on Carl Dahlhaus's Ludwig van Beethoven: Approaches to His Music. (pp. 46-49)

Ira Brilliant. "Music Auction Market (Stargardt, Mar. 26, 27, 1992; Sotheby's, May 29, 1992)." (p. 50-51)

Kevin Bazzana. "The Beethoven-Album: Supplement to the Beethoven Festival at Bonn, August, 1845." (pp. 52-53)

Book Review: Roger Kamien on Martha Frohlich's Beethoven's "Appasionata" Sonata. (pp. 54-56)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 57-59)