Volume 7, no. 3 Winter 1992

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 7, no. 3 (Winter 1992):

Susan Kagan. "The Archduke Rudolph, Beethoven's Patron and Parnassian Pupil." (pp. 62-67)

Hans-Werner Küthen. "'Pragmatic instead of Enigmatic: The 'Fifty-First Sonata' of Beethoven.'" (pp. 68-73)

Patricia Elliott. "Studies in Beethoven Bibliography: English-Language Dissertations and Theses on Beethoven and Related Subjects, Supplement 1 (1953-1992)." (pp. 74-75)

Kevin Bazzana. "Book Review: A Catalog of Treasures from the Beethoven-Haus Collections." (p. 82-84)

Brenio Onetto-Bächler. "Music Review: Beethoven's Songs, in the Beethovenhaus Complete Works Edition." (pp. 85-86)

"Letters to the Editor." (pp. 87-88).

William Meredith and Patricia Elliott. "Progress Report on the Beethoven Bibliography Project." (p. 88)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 89-91)

"Errata." (p. 91)