Volume 8, no. 2 Summer 1993

The Beethoven Newsletter

Volume 8, no. 2 (Summer 1993):

K. M. Knittel. "Divining the Enigmas of the Sphinx: Alexander Oulibicheff as a Critic of Beethoven's Late Style." (pp. 34-37)

"Remembrance of Beethoven (1845)." Translated and edited by Robert Portillo. (pp. 38-45)

William Meredith. "Wagner's Beethoven: A Posthumous Pilgrimage to Beethoven in 1840." (pp. 46-53)

Book Review: Seow-Chin Ong on Barry Cooper, Beethoven and the Creative Process. (pp. 54-57)

Ira Brilliant. "Music Auction Report (Stargardt, Berlin, Mar. 11-12, 1993; Pierre Beres, Paris, May 26; Sotheby's, London, May 28, 1993; Swann Galleries, New York, Sep. 14, 1993)." (pp. 58-59)

William Meredith and Patricia Elliott. "Beethoven Bibliography Database Goes Online." (pp. 60-61)

Festival Announcement: "'Beethoven in Vienna: The Second Style Period (1803-1812),' Presented by the Historical Keyboard Society of Wisconsin, Milwaukeee, Apr. 14-17, 1994." (p. 61)

"American Beethoven Society Members 1993." (pp. 62-63)