Volume 9, no. 2-3 Summer-Winter 1994

The Beethoven Newsletter

Double issue

Volume 9, no. 2-3 (Summer-Winter 1994):
James Parsons. "Footnotes, Fantasies, and Freude: Once More on Schiller's and Beethoven's 'An die Freude.'" (pp. 114-118)

Marie-Elisabeth Tellenbach. "Psychoanalysis and the Historiocritical Method: On Maynard Solomon's Image of Beethoven (Part 2)." (pp. 119-127)

Susan Kagan. Studies in Textual Criticism: "The Second Movement of Beethoven's Fortepiano Sonata in E Minor/Major, Opus 90: A Wrong Note?" (pp. 128-130)

Ira Brilliant. "Beethoven Center Acquisitions: Four Pages from Beethoven's Household Account Books from July 12-13 and August 8-9 (ca. 1823)." (pp. 131-134)

Patricia Elliott. "Selected New Beethoven and Beethoven-Related Books (1988-1993): Supplement." (pp. 135-141)

Book Review: Thomas Wendel on The Beethoven Quartet Companion, edited by Robert Winter and Robert Martin. (pp. 142-144)

Ira Brilliant. "Beethoven Auction Report (Sotheby's, London, Dec. 2, 1993; Stargardt, Berlin, March 4, 1994; Christie's, London, June 24, 1994; Sotheby's, London, Jun. 26, 1994)." (pp. 145-146)

William Meredith. Conference report: "Beethoven Papers and Concerts at the 1994 AMS Convention." (pp. 147-151)

Facsimile of the First Parallel English Edition of Beethoven's Song 'Andenken' ' "Remembrance'), WoO 136. (pp. 152-156)

"Letters to the Editor." (p. 157)

"Miscellanea." (pp. 158-159)