Access to Collections

Access to the Beethoven Center's collections

 The Beethoven Center's reading room houses the open stack collections of books, scores, microforms, recordings, and journal articles. These materials may be used in the Center during the open hours but may not be checked out. Photocopy services may be requested from the staff. Media stations with headphones are available for listening to CDs, LPs, cassettes, and viewing VHS tapes and DVDs. Patrons are also welcome to use their own laptop computers in the Center for listening to CDs and DVDs provided that they have their own headphones.

The Beethoven Center's vault collections include manuscripts, rare books, first and early editions of scores, artworks, archives, and videos. Access to these collections should be requested in advance by contacting the Curator or other staff. Some materials may not be available on Saturday afternoons.

Use of computers

Visitors are welcome to bring laptop computers for use in the Center. Wireless Internet access is available. The reading room also has a public computer for searching the Beethoven Gateway, using other Internet sites, and watching DVDs.

Use of cameras and scanners

Cameras are allowed in the Center, but flash photography of exhibits or rare materials is not permitted. Scanners are not permitted. Digital images of the Center's materials may be requested from the Curator.