Permissions and Fees

Beethoven Center Reproduction Services and Fees

All requests for reproductions are considered on a case-by-case basis depending upon size, binding, condition, copyright restrictions, and donor stipulations. The Center’s Curator will determine if the reproduction will be possible and send a cost estimate.

Photocopy services

Although none of the Center's materials may be checked out of the library, the Center does provide photocopy services of many materials on request. Please see our guidelines on fair use regarding photocopying of copyrighted materials. The Center does not have a photocopy machine in the reading room, so all requests will be handled by staff. Same-day service may not be possible depending on staff availability. The cost of photocopying is 25 cents per page. Postage is additional.

Scanning services

The Beethoven Center can provide digitized images of some of its materials by request and through the Digital Beethoven Gateway as outlined below:

Use of images in the Digital Beethoven Gateway

Public domain materials

Many of the Center’s art collections (engravings, lithographs, sculpture, etc.), manuscripts, and rare editions have been digitized and are available for viewing and downloading through the Beethoven Gateway. Although materials in public domain may be used without permission, we request that the following ownership credit be added to any document/website/media reproducing the materials: From the collections of the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San José State University. Higher resolution images suitable for publication and media presentations may be requested for a fee.

Copyrighted Material

Some materials digitized for the Beethoven Gateway may be under copyright and are provided for research or teaching purposes under the guidelines for fair use. Higher resolution images of these materials may be requested for a fee. However, providing these images is not an authorization to publish. If the user wishes to quote, publish, perform, reproduce, or otherwise make any use of the material that requires permission for the copyright holder(s), it is the user’s responsibility to obtain all such permissions.

Requests of digital files for art works and rare materialsnot yet digitized

Scans of materials that are not yet digitized for the Beethoven Gateway may be requested. See the fee schedule for the various options and costs.

These scans may also requested through the Beethoven Gateway Sponsorship Program. On request, materials will be scanned and made available online through the Beethoven Gateway. Sponsorships of art materials are available for $30 per item. Sponsorships of manuscripts and rare editions are available for $10 per page. For more information, see our brochure. To request a quote for sponsorship of specific materials, please contact the Curator.

Print services

The Beethoven Center can provide glossy photo prints for most of its digitized materials on request.

Photo duplication requests

To request photocopies, scans, or digital prints, please complete the photo duplication request form and send it to the Center via email or fax. If you have questions regarding your request, please contact the Curator. An invoice including postage charges will be sent with the copies/prints/scans.

Permission fees

Non-profit publishers and other non-profit organizations may use images provided through the Beethoven Gateway without charge. For-profit publishers and organizations should consult the fee schedule for additional costs.