Donating Materials

Donating materials to the Beethoven Center

The Beethoven Center welcomes donations of Beethoven materials under the following circumstances:

Beethoven Materials

  1. The materials are in reasonably good condition
  2. Materials duplicated in the Center's collection may be sold
  3. The donor covers cost of mailing and insurance when applicable
  4. If an appraisal is needed, the donor arranges this in advance of delivery of the materials. The Beethoven Center cannot place values on materials or pay for appraisals. Exceptions may be made for large collections.

Donations should be sent to the Curator's attention and include an explanatory cover letter with name, address, phone number, and email address of the donor. In the cover letter, please provide as much information as possible on the provenance or history of the material if applicable. Donations of large collections should be discussed with the Curator in advance.