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Classified to a Classified Graduate Student

Must fill out the Graduate Admissions and Evaluations form Change in Classification in Master's Program form You must be a Classified Graduate Student in order to advance to Candidacy.

When filling out the Change in Classification form you must:

  • Meet the “conditions” set by the graduate student's Major Adviser at the time of admission.

  • For example, MS Physiology and MS Molecular and Microbiology must take the GRE and the subject GRE in order to be classified, since this is a requirement for admissions. You cannot be a “classified” graduate student in one of these major unless the GRE is completed (even though you are already admitted).

  • Have your Major Adviser sign your classification form.

  • Bring the signed form to the Graduate Coordinator, who will also sign-off and forward the form to the Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations office.

When should I submit a candidacy form?

Must submit a candidacy form the semester before you are planning to graduate. Candidacy and Graduation Deadlines

When filling out the Candidacy form:

  • You must be a “Classified” graduate student (see above), with a GPA or at least 3.0, and have a minimum of 9 graded units of 100-level or 200-level courses completed.

  • After completion of Written Competency by taking Biology 202. In order to submit and receive an approved candidacy form, you must be done with Biology 202 and have a grade for the class. Otherwise, GAPE will NOT approve your candidacy form and you will have to re-submit the form once you have a grade for the class.

  • A total of 30 units only should be listed and of those:

    • ≥15 units should be graduate level (course numbers 200 and above)

    • ≥18 units should be graded courses

    • Biol 201 (1 unit required, list 2 semesters at 0.5 unit/each semester)

    • Biol 202 is required. Also list Biol 202 in the upper right hand corner box where the form asks for Competency in Written English (Course and Semester Completed). So you would fill that box in with Biol 202 and the semester you took the class.

    • Electives, should include at least one Biol 255 class.

    • Only 6 units can be from special session (e.g., Open University, 2nd Bachelors, or transfer).

    • Biol 298 and 299, M.S. Students only, can have a total of Biol 298 & 299 ≤ 6 units, required to have at least 1 unit of 299.

    • Biol 284, M.A. Students only, can have a total of Biol 284 & 280 units ≤ 6 units, required to have 1 unit of Biol 284.

    • After filling out the candidacy form, have your Major Adviser sign and date.

    • Bring the signed form to the Graduate Coordinator or leave it in their mailbox for a final check-off and forwarding to Graduate Programs and Evaluations office.

After submitting a completed Candidacy form, you will receive further instructions from Graduate Programs and Evaluations on the next steps towards graduation.

When should I submit an Application for Award of Master's Degree?