Facilities and Collections

Service Facilities

SJSU Protein Lab - Brandon White

The SJSU PROTEIN (Proteomics Research Or Training Encompassing Investigator Needs) Lab is dedicated to serving the needs of SJSU investigators and external users wishing to utilize proteomics or metabolomics related instrumentation. We offer a variety of instruments and services to help those with a broad range of samples from small molecules to large biological complexes such as viruses, bacteria, and tissue culture that require analysis or purification.

Flow Cytometry Core Facility - Tzvia Abramson

SJSU Imaging Facility - Julio Soto, Rachael French and Miri VanHoven 


Gordon Edwards Entomology Museum - Jeff Honda

The J. Gordon Edwards Entomology Museum at San Jose State University was established in 1948 originally to house insects collected by noted entomologists J.W. Tilden, Carl. D. Duncan, and J. Gordon Edwards. Since that time, the museum’s holdings has grown to contain over 1 million described species and a number of type specimens which have been catalogued and placed on the SJSU Biology website. The collection remains one of the largest university insect collections on the West Coast and is a source of material for numerous researchers who come to study the collection.

Sharsmith Herbarium - Benjamin Carter

The Carl W. Sharsmith Herbarium houses a collection of about 18,500 specimens, most of which are California native plant species. Information on all herbarium specimens is available via an online retrievable database. The herbarium is also a member of the Consortium of California Herbaria, which provides georeferenced data for some of the collections.

Bird and Mammal Museum - Elizabeth McGee

SJSU Botany Garden - Susan Lambrecht

The SJSU Botany Garden, located adjacent to Duncan Hall, houses nearly 100 native California plant species. The garden is used as a teaching resource in several biology classes and as a demonstration garden for using California native plants in landscaping. An internship program is available for students interested in research in California native plants and their propagation.

SJSU Greenhouse - Susan Lambrecht

The San Jose State University greenhouse facilities support plant biology instruction and research. Three climate-controlled greenhouses (cool, warm, and tropical) as well as an open-air facility house living collections of hundreds of plant species, including numerous insectivorous plants (such as, pitcher plants, Venus fly trap, sundews), orchids, economically important plants (such as coffee and chocolate), and many California native species. The facilities also provide opportunities for students to conduct experiments in classes and in affiliation with research labs. The greenhouses are used by students and faculty from several SJSU departments, and all biology students benefit from classes supported by these facilities.