Recent Biological Sciences Publications

*denotes SJSU student author; Biology Faculty member

Miller, L.P. and W.W. Dowd (2017). Multimodal in situ datalogging quantifies inter-individual variation in thermal experience and persistent origin effects on gaping behavior among intertidal mussels (Mytilus californianus). Journal of Experimental Biology 220: 4305-4319

Gleason, L.U., L.P. Miller, J.R. Winnikoff, G.N. Somero, P.H. Yancey, D. Bratz and W.W. Dowd (2017). Thermal history and gape of individual Mytilus californianus correlate with oxidative damage and thermoprotective osmolytes. Journal of Experimental Biology 220(22): 4292-4304

Caldwell A.C.*, Livia C.F. Silva, Cynthia C. da Silva, Cleber C Ouverney (2015) Prokaryotic Diversity in the Rizhosphere of Organic, Intensive, and Transitional Coffee Farms in Brazil. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0106355.

Ouverney, Cleber C (2016) Assessment of Prokaryotic Biological Activity at the Single-Cell Level by Combining Microautoradiography and Fluorescence in situ Hybridization. p 2.2.2-1-2.2.2-8. In Yates M, Nakatsu C, Miller R, Pillai S (ed), Manual of Environmental Microbiology, Fourth Edition. ASM Press, Washington, DC. doi: 101.1128/9781555818821.

Victoria Wu*, Hana You*, Andrew A. Smith*, Tuan Andrew Nguyen*,Ryan Ferguson1,Marlene Taylor*, Peter Llontop*, Kenneth Youngman1 and Tzvia Abramson (2015) Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell-Derived IFNa Modulates Th17 Differentiation During Bordetella pertussis Infection in Mice. Mucosal Immunology. doi: 10.1038/mi.2015.101.

S-H. Woo, V. Lukacs, J.C. de Nooij, D. Zaytseva*, C.R. Criddle*, A. Francisco, T.M. Jessell, K.A. Wilkinson, A. Patapoutian (2015) Piezo2 is the principal mechanotransduction channel for proprioception. Nat. Neurosci. (18), 1756-1762.

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Loury E., Bros S., Starr R., Ebert D. and G. Caillet. (2015) Trophic ecology of the gopher rockfish, Sebastes carnatus, inside and outside of central California marine protected areas. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 536: 229-241.

T. Logan-Garbisch*, A. Bortolazzo* A, P. Luu*, A. Ford*, D. Do*, P. Khodabakhshi*, R.L. French (2015) Developmental ethanol exposure leads to dysregulation of lipid metabolism and oxidative stress in Drosophila. Genes, Genomes, and Genetics. 2014 Nov 11;5(1):49-59. doi: 10.1534/g3.114.015040.

Le A.H.*, Bonachea L.A., Cargill S.L.  (2014) Meloxicam and Buprenorphine Treatment after Ovarian Transplantation Does Not Affect Estrous Cyclicity and Follicular Integrity in Aged CBA/J Mice. PLoS ONE 9(8): e106013. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0106013

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Le V*, Esposito D, Grace MH, Ha D*, Pham A, Bortolazzo A*, Bevens Z*, Kim J, Okuda R, Komarnytsky S, Lila MA, White JB. (2014) Cytotoxic Effects of Ellagitannins Isolated from Walnuts in Human Cancer Cells. Nutr Cancer. 1-11

Franco J.A.*, Kloefkorn H.E., Hochman S., Wilkinson K.A. (2014) An In Vitro Adult Mouse Muscle-nerve Preparation for Studying the Firing Properties of Muscle Afferents. J. Vis. Exp. (91), e51948, doi:10.3791/51948.

Tuan M. Nguyen*, Dipti Ravindra, Brian Kwong, Sana Waheed, Ryan     Ferguson1,Nicole Tarlton1, Victoria Wu*, Christopher S. Sequeira1, Martina Bremer and Tzvia Abramson (2012) Differential Expression of Alpha 4 Integrins on Effector Memory T Helper Cells during Bordetella Infections. Delayed Responses in Bordetella pertussis. PLoS ONE 7(12): e52903. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0052903

Nicole J Tarlton, Caroline M Green, Nicole H Lazarus, Lusijah Rott, Anthony P Wong, Oren Abramson,Martina Bremer, Eugene C Butcher and Tzvia Abramson. Plasmablast Frequency and Trafficking Receptor Expression are Altered in Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2012 Apr 5. doi: 10.1002/ibd.

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Carey, C.M, Bueno, R., Gutierrez*, D.A., Petro, C., Lucena, S.E., Sanchez, E.E., Soto, J.G. (2012) Recombinant rubistatin (r-Rub), an MVD disintegrin, inhibits cell migration and proliferation, and is a strong apoptotic inducer of the human melanoma cell line SK-Mel-28. Toxicon 59, 241-248.

Dinis, Jorge Manuel*, David E Barton*, Jamsheed Ghadiri*, Deepa Surendar*, Kavitha Reddy*, Fernando Velasquez*, Carol Chaffee*, Mei-Chong Wendy Lee*, Helen Gavrilova*, Hazel Ozuna, Samuel A Smits*, and Cleber C Ouverney (2011) In Search of an Uncultured Human-Associated TM7 Bacterium in the Environment. PLoS ONE 6(6): e21280.

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Seoane*, A.I., Tran*, V.L., Sanchez, E.E., White*, S.A., Choi*, J.L., Gaytán, B., Chavez*, N., Reyes, S.R., Ramo*s, C.J., Tran*, L.H., Lucena, S.E., Sugarek, M., Perez, J.C., Mandal*, S.A., Ghorab*, S., Rodriguez-Acosta, A., Fung*, B.K., Soto, J.G. (2010) The mojastin mutant Moj-DM induces apoptosis of the human melanoma SK-Mel-28, but not the mutants Moj-WN or Moj-NN.Toxicon 56, 391-401.