Undergraduate Forms

Here is a list of forms and documents you may need while at SJSU:

University Forms (Registrar) - Here is the link to the Registrar's web page which contains links to forms required to change your major, drop courses, apply for graduation, etc. 

Bursar Forms - Here is the link to the Bursar's web page which contains links to forms required by the Bursar's office. 

Course Information:

Course Frequency List [pdf]

Courses - List of courses needed for majors in Biological Sciences, together with their prerequisites and corequisites.

Course Equivalency Form [pdf]

General Education Requirements and Courses - The detailed G.E. information regarding the general education requirements are found in the catalog and are linked here for your convenience.

Advising Information and Forms:
Faculty Advisers not available during winter and summer sessions.

Faculty Adviser List [pdf]

Faculty Office Hours [pdf]

Progressive Academic Planner [XLSX] - Use this form with your advisor's help to select coursework and plan your academic schedule.

Roadmaps and Degree Requirements - The list of requirements for our various degree programs can be found in the University Catalog. We have also created 4 year roadmaps to help you plan your courses. In practice, most students don't follow the roadmap to the letter, but use it as a guide. With the help of their advisors, students are expected to create their own academic plan.

Change of Major Form [pdf]

University Ombudsperson - Student Rights and Responsibilities

Additional Forms:

Course Substitution Form [pdf]

Application for Graduation [pdf]

Change of Graduation Date Form [pdf]