The five semester (21 month) curriculum covers both hands-on laboratory courses and MBA for Professionals coursework. An internship is required for the completion of this program.

Required Coursework

Biol 202TA- Biotechnology Seminar- Biotechnology Products

Biol 202TB- Biotechnology Seminar- The Drug Development Process

Biol 202TC- Biotechnology Seminar- Biotechnology Business

Biol 202TD- Biotechnology Seminar- Biotechnology Business II

Biol 205T- Advanced Molecular Techniques for Biotechnology

Biol 221T- Advanced Bioinformatics for Biotechnology

Biol 280T- Internship in the Biotechnology Industry

Biol 285T- Colloquium in Biotechnology

Bus 282A- Essentials of Management and Organizational Behavior

Bus 282B- Essentials of Operations Management

Biol 282C- Management of Innovation in the Biotechnology Sector 


Three electives in either science or business.

Science Electives

Biol 227T- Principles in Pharmacology 

Biol 229T- Biotechnology Instrumentation

Biol 233T- Immunological Techniques for Biotechnology

Biol 281T- Individual Studies in Biotechnology: Flow cytometry or Project Management

Biol 283T- Topics in Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs

Business Electives- MBA for Professionals Coursework

Bus 202- Managing in the Global Economy

Bus 230- Marketing Management

Bus 260- Managerial Decision Analysis

Bus 283- Entrepreneurship

Bus 286- Project Management

Course Schedule

Fall Y1 Spring Y1 Summer Fall Y2 Spring Y2

Biol 202TA

Biotech Product    

Biol 202TB       

Drug Development

Biol 280T


Biol 202TC

Biotech Bus 1

Biol 202TD

Biotech Bus II

Biol 221T


Biol 205T

Adv Molec Tech


Biol 282C

Biotech Co Manage

Biol 285T

Culimnating experience

Bus 282A

Managerial Org

Bus 282B

Op Manage


Science or

Business Elective

Science or

Business Elective