BME Required Transition Courses

Depending on the student’s background, one or more of the Transition Courses listed below may be required.  These courses must appear in the student’s college transcripts, with a grade of B or better, in order for them to be waived.

      (MatE 25 Introduction to Materials Engineering – 3 units may be taken in lieu of BME 68)

  • EE 98 Circuit Analysis – 3 units
  • BME 65 Biomedical Applications of Statics -  3 units

      (CE 95 Theory and Application of Statics – 3 units may be taken in lieu of BME 65)

  • BME 165 – Applied Engineering Biomechanics – 3 units

      (CE 112 Mechanics of Materials – 3 units may be taken in lieu of BME 165)


Graduate level courses can be taken at the same time as transition courses as long as the pre-requisite transition courses have been satisfactorily completed.