Minor in Biomedical Engineering

Students must complete a minimum of 13 units as listed under the course requirements. All of these units must be outside the requirements for the student's major, i.e., the same courses cannot be listed both on the minor and the major forms. BME 115 (4 units) and BME 177 (3 units) are required for all students taking this minor. In consultation with the Biomedical Engineering advisor, students must select two additional courses from the list of biomedical engineering-based courses. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that the prerequisites for each course are met. This sequence of courses is the recommended pattern for engineering majors. Alternative patterns may be approved by the Biomedical Engineering advisor for students majoring in biology, physics or chemistry.

To plan for a Minor in Biomedical Engineering students should visit the Biomedical Engineering Advisor, and complete a Minor Form[xls]

Required Courses for the Minor in Biomedical Engineering:

BME 115 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering - 4 units

BME 177 Physiology for Engineers 3 units

Complete two courses from:

BME 117 Biotransport Phenomena - 3 units

BME 174 Regulatory, Design and Quality Requirements - 3 units

BME 168 Medical & Biological Polymers – 3 units

BME 178 Biomedical Product Reliaziation - 3 units

BME 182 Orthotics and Prosthetics – 3 units

BME 188  Biomedical Manufacturing Methods – 3 units

BME/ME 167 Introduction to Engineering Biomechanics - 3 units

EE 127 Electronics for Bioengineering Applications  - 3 units