BME Tentative Graduate Course Offering Schedule

Core (required) classes are offered every 3rd semester. Electives are offered every 4th semester. The schedule below is tentative. If you have questions, contact your advisor.

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Course Offerings

Catalog Number Course Title F 14 Sp 15 F 15 Sp 16 F 16 Sp 17 F 17 Sp 18
BME Core Courses  
BME 210 Mathematical Methods in BME   X     X     X
BME 274 Regulatory, Clinical and Manufacturing Aspects of Medical Devices     X     X    
Biol/BME 177 Physiology for Engineers X X X X X X X X
BME Electives  
BME 117 Biotransport Phenomena   X   X   X   X
BME 254  Microscale Biomedical Systems X     X     X  
BME 256 Biomedical Applications of Nanoplatforms   X     X     X
BME 258 Biomedical Imaging      X     X    
BME 272 Biomedical Device Design and principles   X     X     X
MatE 175  Biomaterials X   X   X   X  
ME 267 Engineering Biomechanics     X     X    
EE 127 Electronics for Biomedical Eng. Applications X X X X X X X X
Engr 220 Bioinformativs Computational Engr. Applications X     X     X  
ChE 293 Applied Bioinformatics for Bioengineers     X       X  
Other Electives Requires advisor pre-approval
University Requirement  
GWAR Engr 200W - Technical Writing X X X X X X X X
Thesis/Project Requirement  
BME 281 Master's Project/Thesis Prep Sem. X X X X X X X X
BME 298 Mater's Project X X X X X X X X
BME 299 Master's Thesis X X X X X X X X