Graduate Student Advising

Graduate students are required to submit the appropriate advising form to the Graduate Coordinator each semester, indicating the classes they wish to enroll in for the subsequent semester.  (For example submit the Advising Form for Spring 2019 in late Fall 2018.)  The Graduate Coordinator will review the proposed classes and may require changes.  Upon approval of the Advising Form the Graduate Coordinator will remove the advising hold on the student’s records, enabling the student to register for classes for the following semester.

MS BME Advising Form [pdf]

The links below takes you to several other documents that will be helpful in your progress towards your degree.

The SJSU Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissetation Guidelines can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies website.

The Biomedical Engineering Department has adopted these guidelines for MS Project Reports as well.  In addition the BME Department has also developed its own style guide as a supplement.

All relevant forms can be found at:

Change of Classification in MS BME Program[pdf]

Petition for Advancement to Graduate Candidacy[pdf]

Request for Course Substitution in MS BME program[pdf]

Applying for Graduation First Time

Eligible students can apply for graduation through self-service within their MySJSU account