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Phone: 408-924-6031
Hours of Virtual Operation*

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm 
Friday: 8:30 am - 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Administration Building*

Room 255 (Main/Accessible Entrance)/
Room 154
Corner of 7th and East San Fernando Streets

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Mailing Address*

San Jose State University
Career Center
One Washington Square,
San Jose, CA 95192-0032

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* To adhere to Santa Clara County public health recommendations, the Career Center is operating virtually.  Our physical office is closed, but our virtual office is fully operational.


Administration and Operations

Catherine Voss-Plaxton Christa Bacon

Catherine Voss Plaxton


Christa Bacon

Budget and Operations Coordinator


Donna Mae Rizando  

Donna Mae Rizando

Student Engagement Program Analyst


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Career Coaching and Education

Anita Manuel Trisha Gilges

Anita Manuel

Associate Director of Career Education

Trisha Gilges

Student Events and Services Coordinator


career counselor Judi Garcia


Career Counselor, Undeclared Students
Program Lead, New Student Engagement

Judi Garcia

Career Counselor
Arts, Communication, and Entertainment
Science and Math


Kristen Keller Larissa

Kristin Keller

Career Counselor
Health and Nutrition

Larissa Bates

Career Counselor
Business, Financial Services, and Logistics


Sandra Deleon Jill Klees

Sandra De Leon

Career Counselor, Diverse Students
Program Lead, Career Readiness

Jill Klees

Career Counselor, iSchool


Christine Bautista Kelly Masegian

Christine Bautista

Career Counselor
Education and Public & Human Services
Program Lead, Mentoring/Alumni

Kelly Masegian

Career Counselor
Technology and Engineering
Program Lead, Experiential Learning


Carrie Dick

Carrie McKnight

Career Counselor, Graduate Students

Dick Duncan

Volunteer Career Coach



 Tammy Yan

Career Counselor, Graduate Intern


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Employer Engagement

Lisa Trikofski Claudia Rico  

Lisa Trikofski

Assistant Director of Employer Engagement

Claudia Rico

Employer Events Specialist


Patrick Harris vacant

Patrick Harris

Employer Engagement Specialist


Employer Engagement Specialist



Edlin Hernandez

Employer Engagement Specialist


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Peer Career Advisors

Student Peers
Jeanette Dean

Jeanette Cancino


Dean Andrue Doria

Shawn Alma

Shawn Klein


Alma Carrillo Quezada

Bryanna Joel

Bryanna Gilges


 Joel Meza

Vu Brittany

Vu Phan


 Brittany Fung


Cody Chan



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