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San Jose State University benefits from a local economy that is among the top 20% of rapidly growing, prosperous, and inclusive regional economies in the U.S.  The opportunities arising from our region are dynamic and multidisciplinary.  The SJSU Career Center inspires, empowers, and connects students, educators, and employers to make the most of them. 

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Learning and Engagement Outcomes

Our department learning goals are the basis of our vision that "Every Spartan emerges career ready and equipped for lifelong success".  These department learning goals support the Student Affairs Division Learning Goals and University Learning Goals.



Job & Internship InitiativeStudent Success Outcomes

The Student Success, Excellence, and Technology Fee (SSETF) funds numerous student success programs across campus.  The Career Center has received funding for two efforts: The Job & Internship Initiative and Career Counseling for Diverse Students



Career Outcomes

The Career Center reports on graduate career outcomes each academic year. Students use these reports to learn more about potential career paths; employers use them to assess compensation packages. 

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