Student Success Outcomes

Campus Programs

The Student Success, Excellence, and Technology Fee (SSETF) funds numerous student success programs across campus.  The Career Center has received funding for the following SSETF efforts.

Job and Internship Initiative

The Job and Internship Initiative strives to position SJSU students to compete for job and internship positions by building student awareness of the importance of internships, access to employment opportunities, and resources to help students best present their strengths and abilities.

Career Counseling for Diverse Students

The Career Counseling for Diverse Students program offers culturally sensitive career development for diverse students.  The program is focused on responding to a common need among many diverse students to build career role salience (sense of meaning and belonging) and career opportunities.  The program also creates channels for employers to support the development of and engage in recruiting of SJSU’s diverse talent.

SSETF Reports

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Federal Programs

Job Location and Development Program

The Job Location and Development (JLD) Program is a Federal Work Study program that assists students in locating part-time, off-campus employment to pay for college regardless of a student's eligibility for financial aid.  Though this program is administered by SJSU Financial Aid, the Career Center provides the services and resources that enable to student to locate employment opportunities.  The JLD Program offers hands-on work experiences for students to develop self-knowledge and marketable skills that can be leveraged for future career opportunities. 

JLD Reports

16-17 15-16 14-15 13-14 12-13