Student Team

Peer Career Advisors

Dean Doria is a Peer Career Advisor. He is a fourth-year undergraduate studying Public Health. As a student himself, Dean understands the stress peers around his age face as they seek opportunities to further advance their careers. He finds it a rewarding experience to help students discover and reach their career goals. Fun fact: Dean’s all time favorite show is Spongebob, and he has been watching it since it first aired in 1999 (when he was only a  year old). 

Jeanette Cancino is a Peer Career Advisor. She is a third-year undergraduate studying Public Health. Her interests consist of painting, cooking, and hiking. Jeanette enjoys helping students get career-ready. She understands the pressure students go through when exploring their major, career, and professional experience. Being a peer at the Career Center gives Jeanette the opportunity to help our campus community and inform them of the many resources our school has to offer.  Fun fact: Jeanette enjoys going on walks at the beach.

Bryanna Gilges is a Peer Career Advisor. Bryanna is a transfer student going into her junior year and is studying Public Health. Some of Bryanna’s interests include theater, music, and helping others. Throughout her entire college experience, Bryanna always had mentors, professors and counselors that have been so helpful and supportive, and she wants to give back to students by being a mentor herself. Fun fact: Bryanna performed in musical theater for eight years; theater is her passion.

Shawn Klein is a Peer Career Advisor. Shawn is a senior pursuing Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Some of his interests are going to baseball games, music festivals, and traveling. Shawn has a passion for helping others and giving constructive feedback which is why he couldn't pass up the opportunity to work at the Career Center. Realizing that students don't what resources the school has to offer makes Shawn want to change that and make students aware. Fun fact: Shawn lived in Dubai for six months last year.

Cody Chan is the Videography/Storytelling Intern at SJSU Career Center. Cody is a third-year undergraduate student studying Radio-Television-Film. He has a strong interest in music and films, as well as anything that is food. Cody believes that the transition from school to career life is daunting and would like students to learn more about the resources that are available to them. Fun fact: Cody danced bhangra in high school. 

Nia Luu is the Graphic Design Intern. Nia will be starting her senior year of undergraduate Design Studies this fall. She likes playing games, reading books, and hanging out with friends in her spare time. She believes that knowledge can not only be earned from school but also from work experience. Working at the Career Center gives her an opportunity to learn more about career tips to prepare for her future career and pay it forward to other students who also need help. Fun fact: Milk tea is Nia's stress reliever.