Meet Bobbi Makani, the Career Center Executive Director

Bobbi Makani, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Career Center
First day of work at San Jose State University - January 14, 2008

How did you get here?
My combined 25+ years experience in higher education, business, and entrepreneurship has given me a unique perspective in understanding the challenges of bridging the skills gap between academic and industry. As an educator, I have integrated competency building modules in all my courses to help students understand career opportunities and how to prepare for them. I worked with companies, organizations, and campus units in crafting relevant career experiences for students such as internships, project-based learning, service learning, and focused events that include idea jams, hackathons, networking, and innovation challenges. I was also involved with the assessment of learning outcomes at the Lucas College of Business, and the School of Journalism and Mass Communications. These experiences allowed me to gain insights on the impact of applied learning. My background in SJSU IT Services and collaborations with the MLK Library allowed me to enhance my courses with digital literacy and technology skills development for students.

What do you value the most?
Living with integrity and joy. Keeping these core values at the center of my life makes it easy for me to make decisions in the best interest of many. An environment built, infused, and nurtured with these values encourages growth and creativity. More importantly, it fosters belongingness, peace of mind, and peace of heart, leading to a positive well-being. These values shape the way I aspire to conduct myself in all my interactions with others, thus helping me become a better person.

What are your tips for getting started in this field?
Bring passion to everything you do! Engage with the meaningful initiatives. Be inquisitive and open your mind to learning. Realize that there is a lot to learn, regardless of your level of education and background.

What are your most important habit(s) or resource(s) for staying well?
Emotionally: Find joy in all you do, and be happy wherever you are.
Mentally: Be curious. Read!
Physically: Exercise, eat healthy, and sleep.