What is Lightcast SkillsMatch?

Lightcast SkillsMatch is an online system that allows students to identify academic courses and education programs offered at SJSU based on their skills. Students can also use the platform to search for in-demand skills by job and industry to ensure they are aligning their studies with current marketplace trends.

With Lightcast SkillsMatch you can:

  1. Explore careers that best match your current skills and education
  2. Find courses and programs at SJSU that help build high demand skills
  3. Discover new careers based on desired skills

How to access Lightcast:

Currently enrolled students:

  • If you're a first-time user, click "Sign Up" and create a profile using your SJSU credentials.
  • If you've already created a profile, click "Login."

Admitted and prospective students, alumni, and parents or family members:

  • Click on "Find Opportunities Based on Your Skills" to discover careers, educational offerings, and job postings tailored to your skills and education history.
  • Click on "Start Exploring Opportunities Now" to explore career areas, educational offerings, and job postings based on general skills.


For more tips on how to get started, review the Lightcast User Guide [pdf].