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The first step in the career development process is to Explore Your Options.  This requires you to take some personal inventory:

  • Who are you, what do you want to do, and which majors/career paths align with your interests?
  • What skills do you want to develop? How do you assess what employers want?
  • What majors are offered at SJSU? What skills and knowledge will you gain?
  • How do you identify and explore career options?

While this can sound like a daunting process, it actually is not so overwhelming when you follow our career plan checklist and work with one of our professional career counselors who can walk you through the process. Check out these resources to get started!


Major Exploration

Major does not equal career.  Your undergraduate education should prepare you for learning how to: Collect and analyze data, solve complex problems, understand how humanistic and social factors influence outcomes, and communicate effectively.  Pursue what you are most curious about and then work with your career counselor to identify and market your transferable skills to future employers.

What majors align with my interests?
  1. Take the Focus2 Interest Assessment to view majors and career paths that align with your interest areas.
  2. Download your Focus2 portfolio and share with your academic advisor and career counselor to help with selecting a major. 
How do I declare a major and explore career options?
  1. Use this Major & Career Exploration Checklist to complete all the steps necessary to declare a major, meet with an academic and/or major advisor
  2. Review the Career Pathways page to see job/internship feeds by industry pathway, contact information career counselors specializing in career pathways, and top employers who hire SJSU students within that pathway:  
What majors are offered at SJSU?
  1. Review the course requirements for your majors of interest. Focus on what skills, and knowledge you would like to gain. 
  2. Narrow down your top majors of interest and review the Major Roadmaps which outlines the specific courses required by semester to meet a 4-year graduation goal. 


Career Exploration

  1. Take some time for personal reflection. You can take the Focus2 online assessment to identify key interests and personality preferences to discover career pathways.  Be sure to also assess your values which are central to making decisions based on what's most important to you in your life and career.  
  2. Keep track of your career exploration journey with the Career Plan Checklist.  Share this with your career counselor, academic advisor, mentors and parents as you make some decisions and seek support.
  3. Explore career pathways related to SJSU majors. You can review job/internship positions, employers that have hired SJSU students, and professional organizations by these pathways as well as connect with a career counselor who specializes in each pathway.
  4. Identify and research career professionals in your fields of interest using SJSU² Mentoring & Meetup platform and LinkedIn Alumni Search
  5. Connect with professionals in your field of interest for Informational Interviews (video)which are short 20-30-minute career conversations that can provide insight on if a career path is a good match for you. Review Conducting Informational Interviews (p.5) on the Job/Internship Guide for more tips and advice on informational interviewing. 
  6. Attend career panels and employer events: Use SJSU Handshake to search for career panels, information sessions, job fairs, and alumni events taking place on and off campus.  

Still stuck or need some support through this process? Meet with a career counselor at the SJSU Career Center!


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