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Make the Most of Your College Experience

The SJSU Career Center inspires and empowers SJSU students to emerge career ready and prepared for lifelong success.  We invite you to:

Though our team won't "place" you in opportunities (that's the employer's role), we provide extensive resources and encouragement to help you find and compete for them.  The most successful students visit the Career Center throughout their time at SJSU.  In-person and online resources are available.

Does my major determine my career success?

For most graduates, career success is a lifelong process that can't be connected directly to choice of college major.  In fact, a recent study revealed that roughly one quarter of college graduates go into fields directly related to their majors.  Except in applied fields (like nursing) that require a specific degree or credential, most employers look for candidates who possess transferable skills that align with their opportunities.

Though your major may not point directly to your first job, it can have an impact on the opportunities open to you at graduation.  Your chances of landing a valuable internship, job, or graduate program acceptance increase when you demonstrate academic engagement and success.  Start by considering majors you are motivated to study and master.  To find a major that fits your unique strengths and interests, use our major exploration resources.   

How important is it to build work experience?

Internships and similar hands-on learning experiences are vital to your education.  Often, the major you choose won't lead to a clearly defined career path.  The best way to form an initial career direction is through active exploration and hands-on experience.  Such experiences offer "real-world" views of employers, industries, and occupations.  Even more, they help you decide whether a particular field is a good match for you and where to pursue your next experience.  

Some employers expect candidates to have multiple internships and/or hands-on experiences on their resumes by the time they graduate.  To employers, your experiences provide evidence that you are self-directed and have built essential skills for workplace success.  Make a plan to build experience throughout your time at SJSU.

What salary can I expect to earn after graduation?

Each year, the Career Center publishes the results of the graduate career outcomes survey.  Consider that salary offers can be influenced by the way you highlight relevant skills, accomplishments, and education to an employer.  Leverage Career Center resources to learn how to promote your unique strengths to an employer.