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2017 CCCC Summer Conference


Making Spaces for Diverse Writing Practice
San José State University — June 8–10, 2017

Ideally conceived, writing programs carve out spaces—classrooms, offices, Writing Centers—for exploring and practicing writing. In such spaces, ideally, writing is diverse, and the spaces foster supportive, productive writing practice(s). Likewise, writing programs dedicate temporal spaces—class meetings, for instance—to foster best writing practices.

But, as teachers are aware, writing also happens in other spaces—library tables, theaters, and labs, but also buses, coffee shops, and jail cells. Likewise, writing happens whenever busy schedules allow. These physical and temporal spaces may not foster the supportive, productive writing practice(s) we envision, but they are also more common than our idyllic spaces.

The 2017 CCCC Regional Summer Conference at San José State University is designed to carve out spaces for attendees to consider what it means to make spaces (temporal and physical) for diverse writing practice in a world that does not always align with our ideals.

In keeping with this theme, conference organizers have carved out various writing spaces during the three-day event, including the following:

  • A full-day writing retreat--time and space carved out especially for writers to practice writing. This will include a limited number of writing activities and ample time to just write alongside other writers. 
  • 5 multi-panel sessions--proposals for individual presentations, panel presentations, roundtables, and alternative sessions are welcome.
  • 6 half-day workshops--proposals for half-day of workshops/debriefings that take up the theme of the conference are especially welcome.

Our keynote speaker will be Asao Inoue, Associate Professor and Director of University Writing (University of Washington) and Assistant Chair of CCCC. 

Please refer to the Call for Proposals for additional information. 

Questions may be directed to the Local Arrangements Committee