Workshop 1: Claiming the Space to Discuss Value: First Year Writing Placement and Assessment Plans

Facilitator: Cynthia M. Baer

In this workshop faculty and administrators are invited to bring your classroom and program placement and assessment strategies to the table. Together we will explore the models, outcomes, and values of our current practices, then forge new plans to make placement and assessment meaningful to all stakeholders in the university writing community.

Workshop 2: Creating Spaces to Write—Daily

Facilitators: Sherri Harvey and Helen Meservey

Using various prompts and a series of revolving questions, this workshop will demonstrate that the writing process can be a stimulating challenge. In the course of this workshop, we will show you how to change the way you use current hot topics and things you already know and love to stimulate the writing process and sprinkle your own writing with a bit of magic.

Workshop 3: Create, Ideate, Collaborate: A CCCC Workshop on the Advantages and Opportunities of Regionals and Affiliates

Facilitators: William Macauley, Kelly Harrison, Tereza Kramer, Kay Halasek, and Simone Billings

This workshop is designed to share a full range of benefits associated with regional and affiliate professional organizations. Participants will be provided with examples of several options and with opportunities to develop ideas for their own regionals/affiliate organizations. Workshop content will work for any area of professional emphasis.

Workshop 4: Conscious Scheduling: Making Space by Marking Time

Facilitators: Melissa Nicolas

This workshop will address goal setting, work-life balance, and the power of "conscious scheduling" to help navigate life when major setbacks such as illness, disability, job changes, moves, divorces, financial problems, or any other of life's myriad challenges disrupt our well-made plans.

Workshop 5: “We’re No Longer Wasting Our Class Time!”: A Hands-On Workshop for Better Online Peer Learning

Facilitators: John Holland, Melissa Meeks, Joan Wong-Kure, Martha Rusk, and Evan Kaiser

This workshop distills the strategies faculty have used to make peer learning a primary mode of instruction in hybrid classes. By treating peer learning as a type of critical reading and response exercise, giving feedback became a routine and powerful way to reinforce larger course goals in a wide range of writing spaces, from traditional to hybrid and even fully online courses.

Workshop 6: Writing Centers as Unofficial Creative Spaces

Facilitators: Denise Krane, Maria Judnick, and Michelle Hager

Writing centers are a natural place for creativity and collaboration. In this workshop, we will explore different venues for creativity in a writing center--for students, faculty, and writing center staff. We will discuss how we use creativity in our writing centers in tutor training sessions, in online formats (e.g., blogs), and through writing studio approaches. Participants will then have the opportunity to create their own plans for making their centers creative spaces.