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Remote Service Learning Opportunities:

Please see the following list of Local Partners with Virtual Service-Learning Opportunities


San Jose State University values its community partnerships. As a metropolitan university, SJSU strives to serve the community, and to do so in collaboration with many outstanding schools, organizations, and civic programs. Our partnership goals are to build community, instill service ethics, increase student learning, empower persons served, and foster social justice.

Community learning at SJSU is largely decentralized, but becoming institutionalized in the Center for Community Learning & Leadership for the purposes of involving more faculty and students in civic engagement, developing quality partnerships that are reciprocal and mutually beneficial, and addressing risk management.

CCLL is a clearinghouse for information, resources, and facilitating selective partnerships by virtue of academic disciplines, strategic priorities, demographics, limited resources, and grant funding. CCLL cannot meet all the worthy needs of community organizations. CCLL is not a volunteer placement service for students – our focus is community learning as a part of academic study.

Wonderful core partnerships have been established and are ever evolving, even as new ones emerge. CCLL welcomes familiarity or association with most organizations, even as we strive for quality over quantity in our partnerships.