Who are Community Partners?


Community partners are nonprofit organizations, public agencies, government offices, schools, and certain private business where students provide community service as an integral part of their academic courses. Service may include direct service with clients, special projects, research, or other activities that are identified by the community partner to meet a real community need.

What Do Community Partners Do?

Partners serve as co-educators, engaging students in meaningful service activities that support students' personal, academic and civic growth. Effective community learning partnerships involve joint planning and ongoing communication among SJSU professors, students and community partners.

Successful community learning demands a commitment of energy, planning and communication from faculty, students and the community partners.

Community learning partners:

    • Help to design meaningful, appropriate service opportunities for students
    • Orient students to the community site and provide essential training
    • Designate a qualified person to supervise students and evaluate their performance
    • Help the student gain experience and knowledge related to their learning objectives (outlined by the course syllabus and Student Community Learning Plan)
    • Contact the professor or Center for Community Learning & Leadership if challenges arise
    • Work with the faculty to mange risk, and to evaluate and improve future projects