SJS4 - Supporting Students & Service Sites

SJS4 is the San José State University instance of CalStateS4 (S4), a web application hosted by the Chancellor’s Office.  SJS4 is used to:

  • capture curricular off-campus student placements;
  • facilitate risk management processes required for curricular service-learning and internships;
  • list approved organization site information; and
  • facilitate assessment.

Students and faculty use SJS4 for their courses, to find and place with organizations who have a current University Organization Agreement (UOA) and to request new UOAs.  All partners with whom students are placed in curricular positions must have a current UOA per Chancellor's Office Executive Order 1064 and San José State University Senate Policy S16-14.


The Student Placement Guide will help you with:

  • How to Find a Placement (pages 2-9);
  • How to Request a New Site (page 10); and
  • How to Log a Placement in SJS4 (pages 11-26).
Student Placement

Guide for Reporting Hours


Faculty Guide

The SJS4 Faculty Guide will help you with:

  • How to Login (pages 3-4);
  • How to Review Courses (pages 5-8);
  • How to Review Site Information (pages 9-12);
  • How to Add Sites to Course (pages 13-17); and
  • How to Request a New Site with Workflow 18-20.