Major Courses

Lower Division Courses

CCS 001: Introduction to Chicana and Chicano Studies
Through readings, lectures, discussions and assignments students are introduced to Chicana/o Studies. Students learn how CCS examines problems, policies, and social issues to analyze theories, problems, resistance, historical development, identity choices, social/cultural contributions, and consciousness among Chicanas and Chicanos.

CCS 002: Library Studies
An introduction to the library, its resources, and skills for students to be successful in the CCS major and at SJSU. Topics will cover developing a research topic, developing a research strategy, and finding and evaluating print and non-print sources.

Upper Division Courses

CCS 105: Chicanos: United States/Mexico Relations
Description: Exploration of U.S./Mexico relations through the Chicana/o perspective. Emphasis is on both historical and contemporary issues.

CCS 115: Chicana/o Families
Description: Examines Mexican and Mexican American families from the 19th to the 21st century. Special attention is given to the diversity of family structures in terms of incorporation, settlement, and socio-cultural interfacing within group and with diverse race/ ethnic communities. Prerequisite: Upper division standing.

CCS 120: Political Economy and Chicana/o Communities
Description: Analysis of the American political and economic systems and institutions and their interconnections from a Chicana/o perspective. Focus on the changing roles of Chicanas/os in the U.S. and global economies and political processes. Prerequisite: Upper division standing. 

CCS 125: Chicana/o Community Studies
Description: Examination of Chicana/o community activities, including organizations and contemporary issues.

CCS 127: Chicanas/os and the Criminal Justice System
Description: Crime, delinquency and the interaction between Chicano/Latino communities and the criminal justice system. The roles of government agencies, local law enforcement, the courts and corrections. Prerequisite: Upper division standing or instructor consent. 

CCS 135: Contemporary Chicana/o Issues
Description: Analysis of selected issues/topics involving Chicano/Latino communities. May be repeated with different topic/issue. Prerequisite: ENGL 1A or instructor consent. Repeatable for credit

CCS 144: Chicana/o Literature
Description: An examination of selected Chicana/o literature including poetry, short stories, essays, and novels. May be repeated with different topic. Prerequisite: ENGL 1A or instructor consent. Repeatable for credit

CCS 150: Research Methods
A survey of research methods used in Chicana/o studies that address issues in Chicana/o communities. Prerequisite: ENGL 1A. 

CCS 151: Theory in Chicana/o Studies
An introduction to the theories and study of race, gender and sexuality in Chicana/o communities. Study of the various theoretical and analytical frameworks that are or have been used in the scholarly field. Prerequisite: CCS 1 and CCS 2

CCS 152: The Story of Chicano Spanish
Exploration of the origins, development, and use of the Spanish spoken by Mexican Americans and Chicanas/os in the United States. Examines Chicano Spanish from its roots in Colonial Mexico through its development and use in the United States since the first Spanish/Mexicans settled the American Southwest. Particular focus on the etymology of Chicano Spanish. Prerequisite: CCS 1 and CCS 2

CCS 170: Hollywood’s Image of Chicanos/Chicanas
Description: Analysis of Hollywood’s contribution, through cinema, to shaping the socio-political relations between Chicanas/os and the dominant society, plus the use of traditional ideological concepts in promoting stereotyped images of Chicanas/os. Prerequisite: ENGL 1A and ENGL 1B or instructor consent.

CCS 175: Human Migrations: Global Reach
Description: Examines Mexican immigration to the United States within the context of global movements as both historical and contemporary phenomena. Considers social, political, cultural, and economic forces that influence immigration. Prerequisite: Upper division standing. 

CCS 185: Teaching in a Diverse Society also called SOCS 185
Description: This course will provide future teachers with an understanding of the ways in which diversity in the classroom influences the learning process and how specific teaching strategies can enhance student learning. Prerequisite: SOCS 18.