Chicana and Chicano Studies Faculty, Students, and Alumni in Action!

Our faculty, current students, and alumni are engaged in different types of exciting activities. At times the endeavors come to the attention of others outside of our department and are highlighted by the University, College of Social Sciences or the public media. This page will be updated whenever the department has a video or link to share whenever someone from our CCS community is featured. If you are an alum of our department and you have something you would like to share with us we please let us know. We would love to hear from you!

March 2014

Recently Dr. Julia Curry Rodriguez was honored and recognized for her long standing work with students with the Distinguished Service Award for 2014 at the Faculty Service Recognition and Awards Luncheon.  In an interview with Dr. Curry, Damian Trujillo discusses with her the meaning of this award on his weekly talk show, Communidad del Vallewhere she also speaks about her activism and work with NACCS. 


Rosanna Alvarez, Marlene Chavez, and Ana Soto met while completing their MA in Chicana and Chicano Studies and went on to create an organization that supports women and youth. Andariegas is a "women-led movement of consciousness that cultivates resiliency through advocacy, cultural values, and identity development." Damian Trujillo features their work in his news program Communidad del Valle We invite you to learn more about these remarkable women and the service they are providing to our community!