Alumni Profiles- Francisco Villegas

Francisco Villegas

Francisco Villegas

Undergraduate Education: Psychology and Social Behavior, UCI

MAS Emphasis: Education

Thesis/Project/Research Interest: Experiences of undocumented Latina/o undegraduates

Additional Schooling [completed or in progress]: Ph.D. University of Toronto

Awards Received [at SJSU or since]: NACCS NorCal Foco Award (SJSU), Organization of Latin American Students Scholarship (University of Toronto), Muriel Fung Scholarship (OISE/University of Toronto)

What I am doing now: Projects: Access to schooling for undocumented students in Toronto; Development of a County ID in Kalamazoo.

Topics of interest: Immigration, Race, Membership, Social Movements

Where am I working now? Assistant Professor of Sociology at Kalamazoo College