Alumni Profiles- Nancy Acevedo Gil

Nancy Acevedo

Nancy Acevedo-Gil

Undergraduate Education: UC Berkeley

MAS Emphasis: Education

Thesis/Project/Research Interest: University-admitted Latina/o high school students who choose not to enroll in a university

Additional Schooling [completed or in progress]: PhD (in progress) UCLA, GraduateSchoolof Education & Information Studies

Awards Received [at SJSU or since]:

2011:Association for the Study of Higher Education, Graduate Travel Scholarship

2011:Association for the Study of Higher Education, Graduate Student Policy Seminar

2011:University of California, Los Angeles, Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program

2011:American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education, Inc., Graduate Fellow

2010:Inter-University Program for Latino Research, Workshop on Policy Issues in Higher Education, Graduate Student Fellow

2009:University of California, Los Angeles Regents' Grant

2008:CSU Sally Casanova CA PreDoctoral Scholar

What I am doing now: I work as a graduate student research assistant for the University of California, All Campus Consortium on Research for Diversity (UC/ACCORD) and I'm in my third year of the PhD program, specializing in Race and Ethnic Studies.