The Chicana and Chicano Studies Department has identified a few key areas where alumni and other supporters can help us fulfill our mission.  Please contact the Department Chair (Magdalena Barrera, 408/924-5583, for information on how to support these programs: 

Student Support 

Our Graduate Students are a dedicated group of scholar/activists who often are forced to work extensively while attending school because of the lack of financial support from the university.  We have created a Graduate Student Mentor Program through which we now hire a few of our Master’s students to work as mentors to undergraduates in our lower-division GE courses as a mechanism of enhancing the retention of our undergraduate students.  This is also an important training opportunity for the graduate students and an exciting addition to the classroom for our faculty.  We would like to expand this program and support more of our students and to a greater degree than we can at this time. 

We also want to offer Graduate Student Fellowships to help them cover the costs of their education.  These Fellowships could be designated for research in a specific area, for students who are completing a thesis, for those who are raising families, for those who want teaching experience and would like to be teaching assistants, for those who have significant financial need, or another area of interest to a donor. 

We serve a large number of Undocumented Students and resources to support these students are always of tremendous assistance because of the limited options our students face. 

Faculty Support 

On-campus funding sources to assist faculty in their research and efforts to enhance the department are limited.  Donors can assist in any number of areas, including: research grants, travel grants, curriculum development grants, and other areas of interest to donors. 

Chicana/o Library 

The Chicana/o Library and Resource Center has been a vital intellectual space for the department since its inception.  Funding for this collection is limited and donors can make important contributions to our academic community by supporting the library in any number of ways. 

Division for Interdisciplinary Race and Gender Studies 

This new initiative in the College of Social Sciences is an exciting opportunity to assist in the development of innovative research, teaching, and student support for diverse communities SJSU serves.  We have developed initiatives for dynamic projects that will increase retention of first-generation college students, enhance the curriculum, train students for graduate school, and build community-university partnerships.  Currently, these projects have limited resources so donors can make important contributions in any of these areas.