Graduate Program Application Requirements

Applicants can begin the application process by completing the on-line application.  All the information on this process can be found at the Graduate Admissions site. 

Applicants submit the on-line application and $55 application fee through the on-line process.  Transcripts should be sent to GAPE (address below).  Do NOT send transcripts to the CCS department. 

Transcript Address:
Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations
San Jose Staté University
One Washington Square
San José, CA  95192-0017

The second part of the application includes: the Statement of Purpose, the Writing Sample, and the Letters of Recommendation.  These materials should be emailed directly to the CCS department (see directions below).  Please note that the on-line application provides a space for the Statement of Purpose, but we do not review that version.  There is NO GRE requirement for admission into the program. 

Statement of Purpose:

This essay should explain why you want to pursue the Master’s degree in Chicana and Chicano Studies at SJSU.  Explain why this program is best suited for your interests and why you are a good fit for the program.  We are interested in understanding your intellectual interests as well as your longer-term goals and what you hope to do with the degree.  There is not a specified limit on the length of the Statement, but we prefer that they not exceed 3 pages. Applicants should email this directly to

Writing Sample:

We are not asking applicants to submit a new piece of writing for the application.  We also are not asking for students to share a writing sample on a specific topic or with a given format.  We simply want to see your most recent work to get a sense of your writing ability.  Submitting a paper from the most recent class you enrolled in is perfect.  For students who are returning to school after some time, you can still submit something from your most recent class or write something new.  The writing sample should not exceed 10 pages, so if you submit something from a longer paper, please indicate the section you would like us to review. Applicants should email this directly to

Letters of Recommendation:

We require at least 2 letters of recommendation.  Applicants are encouraged to submit more if possible.  We do not require that they submit a specific form, so please ask letter writers to speak to your academic abilities and preparation for graduate school work.  References from employers can be helpful, but if they are not able to speak to your ability to perform in graduate school, their recommendations do not help us evaluate your application. Recommendations should be emailed by the recommender [not the applicant] directly to