MA Courses

Master's Degree Course Listing

CCS 200: Ideology and the Chicana/o Experience

Description: Seminar examining the ideological and philosophical forces that shape Chicana/o experiences and identities. (Barrera)

CCS 205: Chicana/o History

Description: Seminar exploring the historical experiences of Chicanas/os, from the indigenous past to the present. Integrates historiography, as it is grounded in an analysis of the development of and changes in the field of Chicana/o history. (Mora-Torres)

CCS 210: Foundations of Chicana/o Studies

Description: An analysis of the evolution of Chicana/o thought and intellectual production and the development of the field of Chicana/o Studies. Analyzes the basic constructs and theories underlying Chicana/o Studies, from early works to the present. (Curry Rodríguez)

CCS 215: Chicanas/os and Education

Description: Focus is on key educational issues facing Chicanas/os both historically and currently, including policy, curriculum, cultural conflict, and the different efforts to address them. (Pizarro)

CCS 225: The Impact of American Institutions on the Chicana/o Community

Description: Seminar analyzing the impact of social, political, economic, and cultural systems on Chicana/o communities. (Staff)

CCS 230: Policy Analysis and the Chicana/o Community

Description: Policy analysis focusing on a specific institution or institutions. Emphasis is on analyzing major issues and social policies that affect the Chicana/o community. Effective strategies to affect social change are examined. Repeatable: Repeatable for credit. (Staff)

CCS 240: Applied Chicana/o Studies Seminar

Description: Integrates major issues and theories from CCS core courses and applies them to current problems. Includes analyses of the latest research on: politics, economics, gender, immigration, education, community development, sexual orientation, and interethnic conflicts and collaborations. Prerequisite: CCS core. Repeatable: Repeatable for credit (Pizarro)

CCS 252: Comparative Ethnic Studies

Description: Interdisciplinary introduction to critical topics and debates in comparative ethnic studies, including race and representation, racialized and gendered labor and citizenship, indigeneity, feminism, nationalism, segregation and environmental injustices. (Barrera)

CCS 275: Research Methods

Description: Seminar exploring the methodological challenges posed by Chicana/o Studies. The course helps students develop skills in specific research methods of their choice as well as research proposals for the project/thesis, or other areas of post-graduate work. Prerequisite: Core courses. (Curry Rodríguez)

CCS 298: Special Studies

Description: Supervised project with advisor. Prerequisite: Completion of core courses and written consent of the department's graduate advisor. Repeatable: Repeatable for credit Grading: Credit / No Credit. Units: 1-6. (Staff)

CCS 299: Master's Thesis

Description: Supervised thesis. Prerequisite: Admission to candidacy for master's degree and written consent of the department's graduate advisor. Repeatable: Repeatable for credit Grading: Mandatory CR/NC/RP Units: 3-6. (Staff)