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The Mission of the Xicana/o Graduate Council (XGC) is to create a community based on social justice, engaged in critical thinking, and raising conciencia to promote a safe space were action and dialog can be explored. XGC is open to everyone.

If you would like to be added to their list serve send an email to: xgc.sjsu@gmail.com

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XGC Newsletter

Every semester we put together a newsletter on a range of topics dealing with the Xicana/o Latina/o community. Below you will find our newsletters from previous semesters.

Roberto poses with xgc newsletter

Above: XGC Member, Roberto Reyna distributing XGC newsletters at the annual MAS Symposium.

Past Community Events

XGC and Chicana/o Latina/o Community Soccer Game, April 22, 2012

In the Spring of 2012, XGC members and students from MEXA, SAHE, APIRE, CCCAC had a friendly soccer tournament and  BBQ at the park.

 XGC soccer game group photo

XGC at NACCS, March 14-17, 2012

XGC and MAS graduate students attended the 40th National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies Conference in Chicago, Illinois. 15 MAS students attended. Many of them presented their research and received fellowships from the organization.

XGC at festival de las calacas

XGC group in Chicago

XGC group at fellowship lunch

 NACCS fellowship lunch program cover

XGC at Fiesta de las Calacas- Fall 2011

XGC members attended the annual Fiesta de las Calacas at the Mexican Heritage Plaza in San Jose.

XGC at festival de las calacas

XGC BBQ- Fall 2011

XGC members held a Fall Welcome BBQ for new MAS students.

XGC BBQ photo 5


XGC BBQ photo 2


XGC BBQ photo 3


XGC BBQ photo 5