Major Degree Requirements

Since the CCS Major was approved in late Spring 2017, the courses are being rolled out over the next few semesters (check back for updates or call the department (408) 924-5760 for more information). Students should not become CCS Majors if you are planning to graduate before Spring 2020. 


University Graduation Requirements           53

Core Lower Division General Education       33

Of the 39 units required by the university, 6 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Courses that meet GE Areas A1, A2, A3 or B4 must be passed with a "C-" or better to meet the requirement.

Upper Division General Education    9

Of the 9 units required by the university, 0 units may be satisfied by coursework outlined below. Consult with major adviser for details.

American Institutions 6

Chicana and Chicano Studies 6

CCS 010A        Mexican Americans & the Dev. of U.S. History & Government       3

CCS 010B         Mexican Americans & the Dev. of U.S. History & Government       3

Physical Education     2

Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement         3

Requirements of the Major   40

Lower Division Core Courses 4

CCS 1   Introduction to Chicana/o Studies    3

CCS 2   Library Studies           1

Upper Division Core Courses 15

CCS 125           Chicana/o Community Studies          3

CCS 135           Contemporary Chicana/o Issues       3

CCS 150           Chicana/o Studies Methods  3

CCS 151           Theory in Chicana/o Studies 3

CCS 152           Chicano Spanish         3

Additional Upper Division Courses   21

Students in a specific emphasis will take 9 units in that emphasis and 6 units in each of the other two. Students with no emphasis will take at least 6 units in each area and one additional upper division course in one of the area emphasis to total 21 units. Courses listed under more than one emphasis cannot be double counted.

Cultural and Creative Expression     

CCS 147           Chicana/o Music  3

CCS 144           Chicana/o Literature  3

CCS 170           Hollywood's Image of Chicanas/os   3

Institutions and Community Engagement   

CCS 115           Chicana/o Families     3

CCS 127           Chicanas/os & the Criminal Justice System  3

CCS 185           Teaching in a Diverse Society 3

Transnationalism and Global Relations       

CCS 105           Chicanas/os: U.S./Mexico Relations 3

CCS 120           Political Economy & Chicanas/os      3

CCS 175           Human Migrations: Global Reach     3

Students may choose nine 3 unit university or Chicana and Chicano Studies electives. Students are encouraged to enroll in a minor or second major.

University Electives    27

Total Units to Graduate         120