Bachelor's Degree Program

Start Your Journey to Becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist or Audiologist!

If you are a prospective or current SJSU undergraduate student who believes in the transformative power of communication, and wants to positively impact the lives of persons acrosss the lifespan, through a career in speech-language pathology or audiology, then you should consider majoring in Communicative Disorders and Sciences (CDS)! Caifornia faces a dire shortage of speech-language pathologists and audiologists and both professions enjoy an excellent future outlook.

  • Speech-language pathologists identify, evaluate, and treat children and adults with speech, language, hearing, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders.
  • Audiologists identify, diagnose, and treat persons with hearing and balance disorders.

CDS Undergraduate Coursework Overview

  • Students must have junior-level standing
  • CDS Core curriculum is a two-year course of study, beginning in the Fall semester only
  • Coursework provides a foundation in speech, language, hearing sciences, as well as principles of assessing and treating persons with communication and swallowing disorders.

CD&S Undergraduate Coursework Resources

NOTE: While the BA in Communicative Disorders & Sciences forms the basis for future graduate-level coursework in speech-language pathology or audiology, a BA degree in CDS is not sufficient for a professional career as a speech-language pathologist or an audiologist.  State and national standards require a Master's Degree (MA or MS) and a Clinical Fellowship to practice as a speech-language pathologist, and a clinical doctoral degree (Au.D.) to practice as an audiologist.

To change your major to CDS, please contact the Lurie College of Education Student Success Center.  Prior to the appointment, please verify that you have an overall GPA above 2.7.