The Community Engagement Collaborative is comprised of campus entities who promote, support and oversee community engagement and service learning as their primary mission.

Career Center (Student Affairs)

The Career Center promotes the development of SJSU students as professionals by providing the tools to guide them in making career-planning decisions and marketing their skills to employers and satisfying the needs of the employment community and complement the academic curriculum.

Center for Community Learning & Leadership (Academic Affairs)

The Center for Community Learning & Leadership (CCLL), formerly known as the Center for Service Learning, is a part of Office of Student and Faculty Success, responds to a call in higher education from university presidents, government, and the California State University, San Jose State institutionalized community learning within the academic program. The CCLL helps students develop the knowledge, skills and motivation to become lifelong participants in public life in an informed, committed and constructive manner, with a focus on solving community problems.

Cesar Chavez Community Action Center (Associated Students)

Established by Associated Students in July 2005, the Cesar E. Chavez Community Action Center (CCCAC) connects SJSU students with community service opportunities that deepen the educational experience while promoting the lifelong commitment to civic activism at the heart of the Cesar Chavez legacy.

Community Change Concentration (Sociology)

The Community Change Concentration offers courses focused on social change concepts and movements, and social issue analysis leading to social action. Most courses have service-learning, internship, and/or community-based research projects which have extended community partnerships and engagement, in such key areas as homelessness, poverty, affordable housing, worker rights, immigration, and financial literacy for community development.

CommUniverCity San Jose (tripartite coalition)

CommUniverCity San Jose is a collaborative project of the Five Wounds/Brookwood Terrace communities, San Jose State University (SJSU) and the City of San José. SJSU concentrates service-learning classes in these neighborhoods in cooperation with the Neighborhood Advisory Council and the City and will continue to do so for a three to five year period with the broad goals of building community in the neighborhoods and engaging students in civic life.