Community Engagement Collaborative Priorities

On April 22, 2011, a Community Engagement Collaborative Retreat was held. There were 23 representatives from various departments and community organizations. At the end of the retreat, the eight priorities below were developed as a result. They will serve as the guiding principles for the future direction of CEC for Academic Year 2012 through 2013.

  • Develop a Community Engagement Strategic and Communication Plan
  • Develop matrix to measure and track data in a computerized system
  • In student orientations, promote Service Learning and Community Engagement and encourage student leadership in these area
  • At faculty orientations, promote Service Learning and Community Engagement as pedagogy with High Impact Practices
  • Develop a list of funding priorities
  • Explore faculty, staff and student professional development through grants
  • Continue to bring community partners into collaborative efforts
  • Commit to structured CEC meetings on monthly/quarterly basis

Letter from Michael Fallon, CCLL Director, CEC Chair,

        While Service-Learning and Community/Civic Engagement is now entrenched in Higher Education, SL/CE Centers often operate in a void and/or in competition for limited resources. At San Jose State University, we intentionally took a track of collaboration by creating a roundtable of leading SL/CE campus entities. Our ultimate intention is to establish a cohesive and comprehensive program that will draw an endowment for our virtual center. Our other objective is to support one another and strive collaboratively for the common good in myriad ways that transcend academics in promoting social and economic justice in our metropolitan community. While we have not yet scored the major funding, we are at least a collegial band of brothers & sisters!